Gemological College

The Gemology College for diamonds, gemstones and je welry is a professional learning environment. The main branch is located inside the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat – Gan – the vibrant heart of the global diamond business. With additional branches in India and in Russia, the Gemology College offers the opportunity to attend the same courses abroad.


The gemological college was established, with three main goals in mind:


  • Qualify graduates who are then equipped with the professionalism and skills to help them integrate in the diamond, gemstones and jewelry industry across the world, as well as all gem trade branches.
  • Qualify graduates with a vast educational basis and tools for an accurate and systematic processing of all the professional knowledge and with the ability to analyze and apply it to one of the most profitable and sought-after professions in the world.
  • Provide the graduates with inspection tools and ethical code, aimed at helping them to become excellent, dedicated and committed professionals, enabling them to smooth their way into the diamond, gemstones and jewelry trade business.

The gemological College has succeeded in applying these goals, by striving to set high teaching standards from the outset, building an inventive, unique and practical curriculum, based upon many years of experience, and of the leading gemological institutes in Europe and the USA. It provides theoretical courses with an emphasis on practical application. All this – by GIA graduate staff, with many years of experience, and by the gemological laboratory’s staff which is at the students’ disposal at any time.


The curriculum includes all technical aspects of diamond grading and gemstones identification; reading, analyzing and issuing of gemological certificates; introduction to rough diamonds, including the marking , cleaving, manufacturing and classification principles; jewelry manufacturing basis and the Diamond Exchange regulations and trade rules.


As students, the graduates are provided with the best practical tools to apply gemological knowledge on a regular basis – from sorting and classifying diamonds, gemstones and imitations and through trade rules. The results speak for themselves: the graduates of the GCI gemological college are easily integrated in the diamond profession, in Israel as well as abroad.


Certificate Courses on diamond grading


The Certificate Courses provide wide knowledg on the following aspects:


  • Introductory courses, offered to beginners, serve as a starting point into the diamond and jewelry profession.
  • Advanced examination courses in diamond grading to suit industry professionals who aim to upgrade their skills or expand their knowledge in the professional diamond and gem trade.
  • Courses in rough diamond – sorting, marking, identification and classification – will allow diamond industry professionals to expand their gemological knowledge.
  • Colored stones identification and grading will help a beginner to understand the vast world of gems and the practical tools to identify them.

Specific Courses


Courses are tailored to specific professions such as the course for jewelers and the course for collectors


Courses are regularly taught in English and Hebrew. Other languages are available on request. Graduates who have passed both theoretical and practical exams in all three courses will receive a G.G. diploma.

The Stamp of authority: In education

At the core of GCI’s activities is the commitment to education. We believe in the power of education to improve oneself and ones career. Through GCI’s instructors, experienced gemologists with exceptional skills, you will not only gain knowledge of the theories of gemology but also valuable experience in practical applications.